The Shack

I saw this link to Norman Geisler’s review of the Shack over at Apologetics 315.  Geisler gives a pretty negative review of the Shack and seems to point at being heretical in many ways.  I have to make two confessions: 1) I really enjoyed the Shack, it was funny, it was sad, it was moving and it was thought provoking and 2) I have recommended the book to many people and have even given out copies.

Does that mean that I disagree with Geisler’s analysis of the Shack?  I include his review because I think he makes some good points.  There are some theological concerns that people should be aware of.  However, I think this is important, the Shack is Christian fiction and not a theology text book.  If it was written as theology, we should indeed be concerned.  I think that William Young in the context makes some very good points.  He asks some questions that need to be asked.  We might not agree with his answers, but he at least points us in the right direction toward wrestling with where God is in the midst of suffering.  I believe that God is using the Shack in a mighty way to get people to reconsider God despite their suffering and disappointments.  I will continue to recommend the book.  But I will also be prepared to point out areas where the book is soft on biblical truth.

4 thoughts on “The Shack

  1. when I go to the Doctor I check his or her scientific credentials and when the doctors and nurses and technicians are successful its not because of prayer its due to there studious professional work

  2. The Shack makes a good read but sadly like the Da Vinci Code has nothing christian to it. The Shack is but just a tip of the iceberg of books yet to come. I dont think this is the end…i believe for a demanding generation there is always going to be a supplier of ideas that tickle their fancy. Read more on my blog

  3. I agree, that like the Da Vinci Code, the Shack should be judged as a novel and not a systematic theology.

    However, I disagree with you when you say there is nothing Christian in it. Trinity, Jesus, grace, heaven, all those things seem pretty Christian to me. I would never base my theology fully on the Shack but I would also never deny its usefulness for introducing people to Christianity, especially for those in the midst of great emotional pain.

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