Was Jesus Rich?

There is a story of a little boy that handed a preacher a $5 bill at the back of the church after a service.  When the preacher asked why, the boy responded: “My dad says you are the poorest preacher he has ever heard.”

Ironically, some of the wealthiest preachers out there have the poorest understanding of Scripture.  CNN has this story about the prosperity gospel.  The article has a good response by Bruce Longenecker and Luke Timothy Johnson.  It amazes me that people believe this stuff.  I can see why people might want to be rich but to say that Jesus was rich and that God expects all his followers to be rich is an abuse of Scripture.  The prosperity gospel is one of the most dangerous theological errors around.

2 thoughts on “Was Jesus Rich?

  1. That is fine to make the claim. I would like to see the details of where I am wrong. It is pretty clear that Jesus and many of the disciples were poor. there were not to many rich carpenters in Galilee and preaching did not change that.

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