Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

The June 2010 issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society has come out.  The articles include:

“The Order of the Books of the New Testament” by Greg Goswell

“Moving Forward on Our Knees: Corporate Prayer in the New Testament” by Grant R. Osborne

“What Type of Son is Samson? Reading Judges 13 as a Biblical Type-Scene” by Benjamin J.M. Johnson

“Who is the Greatest?” by Don Garlington

“Bavinck and the Princetonians on Scripture: A Difference in Doctrine or Defense?” by Jason B. Hunt

“To Bury or to Burn? Toward an Ethic of Cremation” by David W. Jones

“Beyond Bioethics 101: Where Theology Gets Personal and Pastoral” by Stephen P. Greggo and Lucas Tillett

“Literary Clues in Judges: A Response to Robert Chisholm” by Andrew Steinmann

“In Defense of Paneling as a Clue to the Chronology of Judges: a Critique of Andrew Steinmann’s Reply” by Robert B. Chisolm, Jr.

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