More Reviews

I have a couple more book reviews published with the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism.  The reviews are of Luke Timothy Johnson’s Among the Gentiles and Hans-Josef Klauck’s The Religious Context of Early Chiristianity.  You can find the reviews here.

Is Christianity True? E-Book

Brian Auten over at Apologetics315 has put together an essay series called Is Christianity True? together into a free e-book.  It includes and essay that I wrote looking at the uniqueness of Christianity among the ancient religions.  You can download the e-book in various formats here.

Early Evidence for the Trinity

Very often in discussions on the Trinity the focus is on the divinity of Jesus.  Yet we have to remember that there is a Holy Spirit in there as well.  In reading the Shepherd of Hermas, a very early text (mid second century), I came across this verse: “The preexistent holy spirit, which created the whole creation, God caused to live in the flesh that he wished.” (59:5)  This is language that could fit comfortably within trinitarian beliefs.  This is very helpful for us to see the proto-trinitarian beliefs of the early church.

Clark Pinnock: Rest in Peace

While I was studying at McMaster Divinity College, I had the privilege of studying theology under Clark Pinnock.  For many people, Clark is synonymous with controversy, as he often pushed the boundaries.  But for those who knew Clark, he was much more than that.  Clark obviously had a great love for Jesus and he would be one of the most passionate worshippers in our chapel services.  Clark was humble.  He did not announce the new way of doing things and expect everyone to just accept it.  He would put out a new theory and listen to how the students responded, often writing down their comments and concerns.  Even in the controversial open theism issue, he would not just include his own books but a text by Norman Geisler so that we could have the other side.

I just discovered that Clark passed away yesterday.  He will be missed.  Whether one agreed with him or not, Clark was a brilliant and devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  I would like to conclude with words from one of Clark’s apologetics works called Reason Enough:

“The issues at stake are important not only for life in this world but also, I believe, for life beyond death.  They are momentous enough to demand and deserve careful thought and consideration by all of us.  So let us think about believing together, and let me share why I think there is reason enough to put our trust in Christ.”