Being Thorough

The other day I was going to write a blog post on Justin Martyr’s First Apology.  I was reading this early text and noticed that he divided up forms of prophecy as coming from the Father, Son or Spirit.  I was going to blog on how even at this early stage, Christians were thinking in terms of these three.  This is true.

The problem is that as I continued reading, I saw that Justin had an unorthodox view of the Trinity.  While I could have made my original claims with little fear that people would have looked into Justin’s full beliefs, I chose not to.  The one thing worse than no Christian apologetics is bad Christian apologetics.  I could not in good conscience misuse a text just to make a point.  My advice to other apologists is to do your homework, be thorough and do not leave your self open accusations in being unfair in your interpretations.

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