Apologetics Roundup 04/06 – 04/12

Review of the Case For Life – Apologetics315

Some Difficulties With the Christ Myth Theory – David Haines

The Resurrection of Jesus – Daniel Wallace

Advice For Young Aspiring Apologists – John McLatchie

Can You Argue Someone into the Kingdom? – Luke Nix

From My Blogs

Why Jesus?

That Dreaded Question

6 People Who Need to Study Theology




How to Get Apologetics in Your Church 2

Brian Auten has just edited his second e-book on getting apologetics in the church, oddly enough titled “How to Get Apologetics in Your Church 2.”  Since apologetics needs to be much more than just an academic exercise, this resource is extremely valuable.  Did I mention that I have a chapter in this e-book?  I present “A Pastor’s Perspective,” giving hints on how your pastor might respond when you suggest an apologetics ministry.  You can find this free e-book in a variety of formats here.  Thanks to Brian Auten for his hard work on this project.

Michael Kruger on Canon

One of the most important areas for study is that of canon.  Why do we have the books in the New Testament that we do?  Who picked them?  Are they a late invention?  Most of the radical attacks on historical Christianity touch on issues of canon in some way.  Brian Auten at Apologetics315 provides links to some lectures on can by Michael Kruger.  These are well worth listening to and will help you to understand the issues in a fresh way.  You can find the lectures here.  If you are interested in more on the canon, you might want to check out this book by Michael Kruger.

Logical Fallacies

It is vital that people be able to think logically and to be able to avoid logical fallacies.  This is especially true for those who seek to defend and articulate the Christian faith.  Apologetics 315 has produced a podcast on Logical Fallacies that you can find here.  Take advantage of this helpful resource.

Is Christianity True? E-Book

Brian Auten over at Apologetics315 has put together an essay series called Is Christianity True? together into a free e-book.  It includes and essay that I wrote looking at the uniqueness of Christianity among the ancient religions.  You can download the e-book in various formats here.