Has God Spoken?

Questions about the value and authority of the Bible are not limited to academic journals or university class rooms.  Best selling books and high profile individuals are getting a lot of attention as they criticize the Bible.  Hank Hanegraaff has taken on these critics in his latest book, Has God Spoken?: Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration.

This is typical Hank Hanegraaff with all of the acronyms to help readers remember that you would expect.  There are some good things in this book.  It is very readable and the author’s passion for the Bible shines through.  Hanegraaff is quite balanced in many positions and demonstrates that some of the supposed problems that arise are from making the Bible pretend that it is something that it is not.  Hanegraaff’s explanation of typological prophecy is quite good and the look at biblical archaeology was interesting.

There are some problems as well.  There are a few factual errors, such as dating the Talmud to 200 AD (that is the date of the Mishnah).  There is some distracting parts such as reflections on Melchizedek’s possible role as a Christophany.  The book definitely does not live up to the subtitle of “proving” the Bible’s inspiration.  At best it could encourage readers that there are responses to critical attacks, but it is far from proof.

Those familiar with apologetics will find nothing new.  For those with a shallow familiarity of attacks by people like Bart Ehrman, this is a good book.  Hopefully it will give readers an interest in looking at more scholarly responses.  But as a popular response by well known Bible teacher, it does a good job of showing how Christians can respond to radical criticisms.