7 Books on Jesus That You Should Read (plus one)

My background is New Testament studies. Even when it comes to apologetics, I always try to bring it back to Jesus. Many of the attacks on Christianity are fought on the nature of Jesus. It is important to read good solid books about Jesus. Here are seven books about that I think  you should read.

1. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses by Richard Bauckham.

2. Studying the Historical Jesus by Darrell Bock

3. Fabricating Jesus by Craig Evans

4. The Historical Jesus: Five Views edited by James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy

5. The Resurrection of Jesus by Michael Licona

6. Reinventing Jesus by Ed Komoszewski, James Sawyer and Daniel Wallace

7. Lord or Legend? by Greg Boyd and Paul Rhodes Eddy

And an 8th bonus book could be Unmasking the Pagan Christ, co-written by Stan Porter and myself. There are many other great books on Jesus, but this will get you started.


McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry

Volume 10 (2008-2009) of the McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry is now out.  The articles (not including the reviews are:

Who is the “Woman” in 1 Timothy 2? by John R. Master and Jonathan L. Master

Penal Substitution in Perspective: Re:Evaluating the Articulation and Application of the Doctrine by Patrick Franklin

Contemporary Images for Communicating the Atonement and Redemption: Liberator and Lover by Andrew K. Gabriel

Losing Christianity: A New Testament Scholar’s Fall from Faith by Stephen J. Bedard

Preaching Subversively: The Book of Esther as a Homiletical Model by Lee Beach

Participating in Godliness: A Study of the Laws concerning the Socially Marginalized in the Torah by Jamie Hussain

Go Up and Possess the Garden of the World: The Ontario Baptist Mission to the North West Territories, 1869-1870 by James Tyler Robertson

This available in print version or online.